My name is Alicia Keller
I am the owner and bookkeeper of Secured Bookkeeping Services, LLC. I am a single mom of two amazing children, so I definitely know about juggling finances. Ten years ago I wanted to slow down and simplify life for my family so we moved to a small town in North Carolina. 
My accounting background started when I was 19 years old and living in New York City. I currently hold a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and 20+ years of Accounting experience in Retail, Real Estate and Manufacturing. I have work in large and small businesses with a background in accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, reconciling and balancing accounts, preparing financial statements and I've also been able to enjoy working as a Human Resources Manager.  I have managed large businesses as the sole person responsible for local and international payroll, managing well over 500 employees. 
As a single mom, I know the importance of having a secure financial foundation, guarantee stability for the future which is also necessary to provide growth for small-mid sized business owners. I am passionate about family, serving at my church and in my community. I feel that my business is a way that I can help small-mid sized businesses achieve the success that provides freedom of time and resources to enjoy life and community.  My gift is service to others. 
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